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Skate off for EE!

Skate off for EE!

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Brendan & Ryan thank you!

Brendan is 11 years old. He loves soccer, baseball, hockey and likes basketball! He is a 5th grade boy who looks and acts like any other boy. The difference is that Brendan can't eat most foods. His body rejects food thinking it is a parasite. He gets really sick if he eats food. We want to change this! There are so many others with this disease that would like to change this too. Imagine your life without food...

Brendan had his first endoscopy on September 23, 2003, at 9 months old. We were not educated enough about Brendan's condition and told he just needed to be on a few medications and he would be fine. But... at his next scope, the doctor called to tell me that Brendan had EoE and has had it since his first endoscopy but the pathologist did not read it correctly. As time went on, Brendan's food allergies were worsening. Brendan would barely eat and when he did, he ate like a bird. After every scope his biopsies were worse than the previous time. By last summer Brendan was only eating pork, white potato, corn, oat, and rice. Even on just six foods his scope in July 2009 showed extremely high numbers of eosinophils in his esophagus. Brendan also had enlarged lymph nodes and they were getting larger. He had surgery to remove lymph nodes from his neck and also had his tonsils and adenoids removed. When the GI doctor called with the July 2009 biopsy results and told me how damaged his esophagus was, I knew we had to make a change.

In October of 2009, we got in to CHOP EoE Clinic. We met with the GI, the allergist and a nutritionist all at one visit. We removed all foods from Brendan's diet. He could drink his Neocate Jr., but just had to increase the amount. He was the healthiest he had ever been. We made a decision, along with the EoE team to have a G tube placed in Brendan. His G tube was placed on March 22, 2010.

Brendan currently eats potato. He was recently told he would have to give up his only food or swallow steroids which we kept putting off. So he started swallowing steroids and it worked! Brendan just was scoped in March 2014 and the steroids were working. So Brendan continues to eat potato and can also have rice, corn, pork and oat. Brendan was super excited about this but he rarely eats those other foods.

Brendan continues to have symptoms and struggle with food. Brendan gets Neocate Jr. in his feeding tube through the night and drinks 1 10oz. ounce glass of Neocate daily. The Neocate Jr. is what is keeping Brendan healthy and alive. Brendan currently sees a GI, Allergist, Nutrionist, Psychologist, Sports Medicine, Opthamology and Rheumatologist at CHOP.

CHOP has been wonderful to Brendan! They are one of the top hospitals for EoE. We are very fortunate to be so close. CHOP is involved with research to find a cure and hopefully a treatment. Obviously it costs a lot of money so we are hoping to raise awareness and funds to someday help Brendan, Ryan and everyone else who suffers from EoE.

Ryan will be turning 9 on April 26, 2014. Ryan is in 3rd grade and loves life! Ryan has a lot of energy and uses it towards the sports he loves! And he loves them all! He plays soccer, basketball and baseball. He also plays recreational hockey and football for fun with his brothers.

Ryan's story is different than Brendan's. Some say "oh Ryan isn't as severe." And yes that is true. But Ryan has had most foods his entire life and then we had to remove them in August 2012. This was not easy. And he would continue to sneak food and then be sick for weeks. He finally realized what he needed to do. And he did it. And he also started swallowing steroids and it appears to me helping him also.

Ryan still gets sick frequently and has had to get more tests done. They thought he had Crohns disease as well. But now they are not sure. We are looking forward to finding out and getting him the help he needs.

Thank you for all of your support!

The Dixon Family

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all you did to make the Skate Off for EE a successful event! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and had a great time!

Thank you to the Dell Family, the Skatium, Carl Card's & Collectibles, Carl & Sue, Lauren & Joe, The Scott Family, Shaun Young, Tommy Tunes, the Harris', Carolyn Hardy-Bachman, Marcy Lavoe, The Harris Family, Ian Lapierre, the Phillie Phanatic, The Bromley Family, the Girls Hockey Team, Paul Bogosian, Karen Penn, Carol Hand, Erin, Roz, Susan and all of the generous people that donated, all of the friends and family that came out that night!

You all made this night a success! When we hand in the money to CHOP we will give you the grand total!

RESULTS ARE IN :( from Scope today - August 20, 2012

RESULTS ARE IN and CORN is a FAIL. So now we have to make the decision to do steroids to have him be able to eat a few foods other than just potato. Did not want to do this and he can not do swallowed steroids so we he will do the FLOVENT 220. :((( Scope again in 2 months.

Brendan had a scope today and was put under anesthesia once again. He never shed a tear today when he fell "asleep" with us by his side. He kept looking to Tom on one side and me on the other and told us he loved us and "fell asleep".

He woke up cranky and very irritable. He also had his granulation "burned" off and he was in a lot of pain.

Once he was awake and had pain meds he wanted to get home. He rested briefly but then wanted to get a ball in his hands or feet!

He's a tough cookie!

Praying for good results by week's end!

Thank you to everyone for your support!


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Jennifer Dixon
Mon, Aug 20, 2012
Thanks for all the well wishes today. Brendan had a scope and did very well under the anesthesia today. He was wanting to play ball by this evening - against orders :)
Currently he eats potato and scoped for corn. Find out this week!

The Gardner Family
Wed, Mar 21, 2012
We are sorry we cannot make it to the event, but we hope you have an amazing turnout for a great cause!

Uncle Jay, Aunt Amy, Hunter, Dylan and AJ
Sat, Jan 21, 2012
You know how proud we are of you. You are my 8 year old hero. We will be at the event and I am going to talk to mom and dad and Uncle Jay may have something special. Talk to you soon.
We love you my man!

Addie, Kate and the Murphy family
Fri, Nov 04, 2011
Hi Brendan,
We read your story for the first time today and wanted to say - you are amazing! We love soccer, too! You are the strongest person we have ever read about. Keep fighting and we will keep praying.
Addie and Kate

catherine burch
Mon, Oct 31, 2011
Brendan, when you get to have your birthday cake I bet it will be the biggest party ever! We always keep you in our thoughts and hope for only great things to come!

Mary Ryan
Mon, Aug 01, 2011
Good luck Brendan. Keep up the good work, and I am sure better things are ahead. Someday I hope to see you play for the Phillies! Best Wishes, your Mom Mom's friend, Mary.

Thu, Jul 28, 2011

the Ottaviano
Thu, Jul 28, 2011
You are a wonderful family. We pray and hope Brendan, we eat cake soon.

Donna Simon
Wed, Jul 27, 2011
Hi Brendan, I work with your grandmom Sally, she is such a wonderful person. She has pictures of you and her whole family on her desk. She talks about you and your family with so much love and pride. Keep a positive attitude, and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Maureen Sweeney
Fri, Jul 22, 2011
Brendan I have the honor of working with your Mom-Mom. Your Mom-mom is so very proud of you and her heart is filled with so much love and joy for you. Keep up the great work in school and in all your fun activities you take part in. But most of all keep that wonderful postive attitude.

Mom-Mom and Yi-Yi
Wed, Jul 20, 2011
Thank you CHOP for your support to a dedicated family. Brendan never gives up. He participates in everything at school and community. NO isn't part of his vocabulary. With such loving parents, sister and brothers....Brendan will conquer this too!! oxoxxoox

Alexia Gottschalch
Wed, Jul 20, 2011
Best of luck to you! We also have a little boy with EE - can't even drink neocate and so is on total parenteral nutrition...we feel your pain. EE is a horrible disease and I hope very much that you are able to raise the funds needed to find a way to make the lives of these children better. Kudos to you for beginning this fund raise!

Lauren Henderson
Mon, Jul 11, 2011
Brendan Dixon is the coolest little boy I've ever met!! He's so brave & awesome :)

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