2013 Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk

Team Canuso

Family and Friends,

Supporting The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has always been very important to our family.

More than 50 years ago, our brother, Louis Jr., a patient at CHOP, lost his battle against leukemia. Our parents, Lou and Amie, established a memorial fund in his name.  Today, the legacy of giving continues through our family, friends, and the employees of Louis P. Canuso, Inc.

Our team would also like to remember Alex Connor, nephew of Joe and Maureen Canuso. Nineteen years ago, he also lost his battle with leukemia. His parents, Gerry and Lisa Connor, recognize the need to keep the momentum going in the great strides that have been made this year to benefit children who continue to struggle with cancer today.  Both Louis and Alex will forever remain close to our hearts and provide us with the unyielding desire to continue to raise money for others fighting this terrible disease.

We continue to support CHOP because we have personally seen the progress and great strides that have been made against childhood cancer.

Through our loss, we have been inspired to continue to raise money on behalf of Louis and Alex; however, we wanted to take it one step further. This year, we’re supporting Shawn, a 6-year-old boy, who is battling acute lymphocytic leukemia. It’s important to us, as a family, to keep the memory of Louis & Alex alive while helping other children conquer cancer. Many more children survive pediatric cancer today than in the past, but let’s continue our efforts until all children can lead a healthy, happy life free of cancer. We can do that by supporting CHOP and the amazing research they do. 

To learn more about Shawn, you may view his ambassador video by clicking onto "Joseph Canuso" underneath Team Canuso.

Overview about the event:

The Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk is a 5K Run and 2K Family Fun Walk along the scenic Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This annual event benefits the Cancer Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, which was ranked the No. 1 children’s hospital in the nation by U.S.News & World Report.

Last year, 9,000 participants, donors, and sponsors raised $870,000, bringing the event’s seven-year total to more than $5 million.

How can you help?

  • If you are in the Philadelphia area and are interested in participating in the Parkway Run on Sunday, September 29, please click “Join my team” on the left-hand side of the page.
  • If you are not a runner or have relocated outside of Philadelphia but still want to give back to help the lives of kids with cancer, then please click the “Donate Now” button on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Spread the word! Many of you know someone who has been impacted by pediatric cancer. Post on your Facebook, send an email, tell a friend!

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Joe Canuso and Jerry Canuso

Team Canuso - Join Team Raised
Joseph Canuso $50.00
Jerry Canuso $0.00
Kelley Anderson $0.00
Joel Angler $0.00
Laura Angler $0.00
Christian Bennardo $0.00
Ryan Bogner $0.00
JB Borreggine $0.00
Kelley Borreggine $0.00
Jim Bowie $0.00
Carla Britton $0.00
Zach Brunner $0.00
Frank Caggiano $0.00
Patty Caggiano $0.00
Connie Campbell $0.00
J. Campbell $0.00
Marshall Campbell $0.00
Dina Canuso $0.00
Frank Canuso $0.00
frank canuso $0.00
Gabrielle Canuso $0.00
Georgeann Canuso $0.00
Joe Canuso $0.00
Joseph Canuso $200.00
Kasey Canuso $20.00
Lauren Canuso $0.00
Leslie Canuso $50.00
Leslie Canuso $0.00
Louis Canuso $0.00
Mary Canuso $0.00
matt canuso $0.00
Maureen Canuso $0.00
Nicholas Canuso $0.00
Sara Canuso $0.00
Vito Canuso $75.00
Amie Carlsoin $0.00
Billy Carlson $0.00
Jim Carlson $0.00
Reed Carlson $0.00
T. J. Carlson $0.00
Theresa Carlson $100.00
Dennis Connor $0.00
Gerry Connor $150.00
Lily Connor $0.00
Lisa Connor $100.00
Madeline Connor $0.00
Maeve Connor $0.00
Michelle Connor $100.00
Ryan Connor $0.00
Simon Connor $70.00
Trent Connor $0.00
Mark Cooney $0.00
Patricia Cooney $25.00
Michael Corrado $0.00
Brian Coughlin $0.00
Jordan Cunningham $0.00
Dave D'Angelo $0.00
Leah D'Angelo $0.00
Madie D'Angelo $0.00
Morgan D'Angelo $0.00
Carli DeAngelis $0.00
Connor DeAngelis $0.00
Todd Deangelis $0.00
Todd Deangelis $0.00
Zoe DeAngelis $0.00
Harrison Dellafera $0.00
Kristi Depietro $50.00
Bill DeStefano $0.00
Corinne DeStefano $0.00
Gigi Destefano $0.00
Laura DeStefano $0.00
Virginia DiCino $0.00
Maria DiMario $150.00
Michael Duffy $0.00
Jason Dworknik $0.00
Nancy Ettinger $0.00
Bobby Falcone $0.00
Mary Falcone $0.00
Terence Foley $0.00
Austin Frederick $0.00
Grace Freni $0.00
jay gagliardi $0.00
Sue Gagliardi $0.00
Jason Gardner $0.00
Antoinette Garton $50.00
Gary Garton $50.00
Dan Goldstein $0.00
Nate Gorman $0.00
Brian Greene $50.00
Brian Greene $0.00
Dan Griffin $0.00
Terri Griffin $0.00
Owen Hewes $0.00
Brian Higginbotham $0.00
Brian Higginbotham $0.00
Casey Higginbotham $0.00
Kathleen Higginbotham $0.00
Aaron Jenkins $0.00
Amy Jenkins $0.00
Cori Jenkins $0.00
Joe Jenkins $0.00
Elaine Jenkins-Wacey $0.00
Kieran Kenny $0.00
Jackie Kline $0.00
John Kluh $0.00
Karl Kolderup $0.00
Mike LaRocca $0.00
Scott Leonard $50.00
John Locascio $0.00
Denise Lomonico $0.00
Kimberly Lynch $150.00
Michael Lynch $0.00
Alex Madera $0.00
Amy Madera $25.00
drew madera $0.00
Joe Madera $200.00
Vincent Mancuso $0.00
Rea McKay $0.00
Devin McNamara $0.00
Eric Moan $0.00
John Moderski $0.00
Jason Mullins $0.00
Tim Mulrenan $0.00
Dennis Mushinski $0.00
Gloria Mushinski $0.00
Gail Nashak $0.00
Robert Nashak $25.00
Kurtis Naslonski $0.00
Daniel O'Connell $0.00
Barbara Ollek $150.00
Callee Ollek $0.00
Jenny Ostrander $0.00
Jeanne Pagano $0.00
Jeanette Palma $0.00
Peter Palma $0.00
Andy Parker $0.00
Emily Parker $0.00
Erin Parker $0.00
Kerry Parker $0.00
Cherelyn Parton $0.00
Janice Petralia $0.00
Rachelle Petralia $0.00
Sal Petralia $0.00
Kathy Piecara $150.00
Matthew Piecara $0.00
Stanley Piecara $100.00
Lauren Plunk $50.00
Remington Pope $0.00
Anthony Proto $0.00
Bryan Robison $0.00
Brandon Roman $0.00
Amanda Romeo $250.00
Sam Romeo $0.00
Janet Rose $0.00
Janet Rose $0.00
Dana Schillig $50.00
Isabella Scythes $0.00
James Scythes $50.00
Lisa Sherer $0.00
Stephen Sherer $75.00
Steven Squillace $0.00
Bob Svihla $0.00
James Svihla $20.00
Kelly Svihla $0.00
Danny Sweeney $0.00
Mary Talalaj $100.00
Janice Tansits $0.00
Tansits Tansits $0.00
Anthony Terruso $25.00
Diane Terruso $25.00
Patricia Tommillo $0.00
Nick Tortoriello $0.00
Michael Tsiang $0.00
Billy Van Ness $0.00
Nancy Van Ness $0.00
Rachel Van Ness $0.00
Daniel Vernon $0.00
Chris Vespe $50.00
Heather Vespe $0.00
Rocco Vespe $0.00
Ryan Vespe $0.00
Michael Wacey $0.00
Chris Walters $0.00
Michael Waterfield $0.00
Dan Willis $0.00
James Wyatt $0.00
Brielle Yakaski $0.00
Joey Yakaski $0.00
Joseph Yakaski $0.00
Team Gifts $8,440.00
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