2013 Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk

Chuggin' Along with Shawn

 Welcome to Shawn Finnegan’s team page for

CHOP’s Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk


Shawn was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, (ALL), on his fifth birthday, March 19, 2012.  Clearly this is a disease that he didn’t wish for, but he fights every day to beat his cancer!  He’s endured many challenges and much anxiety, but Shawn’s treatments continue to prove successful and allow him to progress through his

3 ½ -year treatment plan with little delay.  He is currently in the ‘maintenance’ phase of his chemotherapy where he receives treatments monthly.   

Shawn’s team name, “Chuggin’ Along With Shawn” came about for two reasons:  First, Shawn’s strong fascination and interest in trains.  In Shawn’s imagination, and in our hearts, he can get aboard any train and it will take him to great places.  Secondly, and more importantly, the name came about because the Finnegan family was greatly supported mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally throughout Shawn’s battle with cancer.  We simply couldn’t believe all of the love and encouragement that was given to us.  To this day, all of our friends and family continue to ‘Chug Along With Shawn’ and we look forward to ‘remaining on track’ to the final destination of Recovery in 2015!

That recovery is only made possible because of the talented doctors, compassionate nurses, and brilliant scientists that make up the superb oncology team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Never before had we realized how very privileged we were to live so close to a top-rated pediatric hospital!

Because we have been blessed with the overwhelming amount of support from our family and friends, along with having the good fortune of receiving first class care from CHOP, we struggle everyday with figuring out how to make a difference for others just as they have done for Shawn and our family.  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia gives us an opportunity to do just that as we form a team for the Four Seasons Parkway Run and Walk!  Chuggin’ Along With Shawn will assist in raising money and awareness so that pediatric cancer research at CHOP can continue to explore new treatments and procedures to cure, and maybe even prevent, pediatric cancer in children once and for all! 


How you can help:

1) You can join Chuggin’ Along With Shawn and run/walk with us on September 29th! Once you sign up with the team you will be able to create your own fundraising page to help raise funds.

To join Shawn’s team, either follow this link, click on "Join My Team" on the left side of the registration page 

If you want to register your family members, there will be an opportunity to do so at the bottom of the page in Step 4 of the registration process.  We really hope to see you on September 29th!!

2) If you can't join us for the run/walk you can still support Chuggin’ Along With Shawn by making a donation. Just click on the "Donate to Chuggin’ Along With Shawn" button to the left.

 So many of you have been by our side throughout Shawn’s ordeal, we would be humbled and honored if you would walk, (or run), by our sides for CHOP’s Four Season’s 5K!  On behalf of the team and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we thank you for your generosity and inspiration!   


With much thanks and endless love, The Finnegan Family


Chuggin' Along with Shawn - Join Team Raised
Colleen Finnegan $3,451.00
Mike Finnegan $0.00
Eric Adamson $0.00
Evan Adamson $0.00
Marisa Adamson $0.00
Toni Adamson $0.00
Douglas Alff $0.00
Molly Alff $0.00
Ryan Alff $0.00
Stephanie Andrewlevich $0.00
Cole Apeldorn $0.00
Colleen Apeldorn $0.00
George Apeldorn $0.00
Dina Bagwell $0.00
Kenneth Bagwell $50.00
Christine Bailey Alff $25.00
Andrew Barkus $0.00
Kathy Barkus $0.00
Matthew Barkus $0.00
Scott Barkus $0.00
Michele Brown $0.00
Barbara Chun $0.00
Cole Chun $0.00
Amy Dickson $0.00
Haley Dickson $0.00
Sean Dickson $0.00
Traci Distefano $20.00
Chris Dolt $0.00
Christopher Dolt $0.00
Jamie Dolt $0.00
Victoria Dolt $0.00
Alissa Dougherty $0.00
Cliff Dougherty $0.00
Ella Dougherty $0.00
Jennifer Dougherty $0.00
Braeden Dunne $25.00
Jessica Dunne $75.00
Luke Dunne $25.00
Karen Eavis $250.00
Delaney Finnegan $0.00
Makayla Finnegan $0.00
Michael Finnegan $0.00
Shawn Finnegan $270.00
Brian Gall $0.00
Shannon Gehman $0.00
Mark Grace $0.00
Bianca Hegedus $0.00
Brian Hegedus $0.00
Connor Hegedus $0.00
Kevin Hegedus $0.00
Thomas Hegedus $0.00
Peter Homsher $0.00
Richard Junod $0.00
Brian Kelly $0.00
Jill Kelly $125.00
Max Kelly $0.00
Melanie Kelly $0.00
Lynda Kilmer $0.00
Corey Kravcak $0.00
Ethan Kravcak $0.00
Jared Kravcak $0.00
Kevin Kravcak $0.00
Theresa Kravcak $50.00
Sabrina Lenihan $0.00
Adrienne Madnick $0.00
Ava Madnick $0.00
Ryan Madnick $0.00
Steven Madnick $0.00
James Manning 3 $0.00
James Manning $0.00
Lea Manning $0.00
Liam Manning $0.00
Aidan Markowski $0.00
Cathy Markowski $0.00
Danny Markowski $0.00
Noah Markowski $0.00
Reese Markowski $0.00
Megan McFadden $10.00
Christina Nicolosi $0.00
Rose Petruzzelli $0.00
Chuck Rommel $0.00
Drew Rommel $0.00
Lauren Rommel $0.00
Melissa Rommel $0.00
Alayna Roscoe $0.00
Bill Roscoe $0.00
Candace Roscoe $0.00
Ethan Roscoe $0.00
Lisa Roscoe $0.00
Olivia Roscoe $0.00
Aubrey Rueger $0.00
Olivia Rueger $0.00
Philip Rueger $0.00
Daniel Shedaker $0.00
Denise Shedaker $0.00
Leah Shedaker $0.00
Ryan Shedaker $0.00
Casey Stone $0.00
Kim Stone $0.00
Kyle Stone $0.00
Luke Stone $0.00
Mike Stone $0.00
Randy Storch $0.00
Maria Turdo $0.00
Linda Ward $0.00
Bruce Yhost $0.00
Debora Yhost $0.00
Stephanie Yhost $0.00
Christine Zul $0.00
Kelly Zul $0.00
Team Gifts $955.00
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