2013 Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk

Cure for Cal

Hey everyone,

This is Callum Harding. As you may know, I was diagnosed last November with Hodgkins Lymphoma.  My team at CHOP have supported me and my family throughout this journey and I am now in Remission!  I want to thank CHOP for giving me my life back.    

I am playing soccer again, hanging out with my friends and training for the Parkway Run / Walk - will you join me?

I really hope you can!



Cure for Cal - Join Team Raised
Callum Harding $5,920.00
Daniel Barton $150.00
Kelly Barton $0.00
Danette Crockett $0.00
Mitch Crockett $25.00
Kathy Dawicki $0.00
Mike Dawicki $0.00
Makenna Diamond $0.00
Clare Elliott $0.00
John Elliott $0.00
Angelica Girone $0.00
Charles Girone $0.00
Ethan Harding $25.00
Megan Harding $25.00
Ronan Harding $25.00
Sarah Harding $0.00
Tara Harding $0.00
Lisa Kerber $225.00
Amanda Laputka $0.00
Christopher Ragle $25.00
Matt Ragle $25.00
Samantha Ragle $25.00
Gail Schwartz $0.00
Aaron Steinberg $0.00
Randy Steinberg $0.00
Seth Steinberg $0.00
Steve Steinberg $0.00
Jen Whelan $0.00
Carol Yambrick $100.00
Team Gifts $3,160.00
Denotes a Team Captain