2013 Four Seasons Parkway Run & Walk

Hailey's Heroes

Hello Family and Friends!!!!!

  It's time for our 2nd Hailey's Heroes Event!!! This year is really exciting because Hailey has been asked to be an Ambassador for the Parkway Run/Walk at the Four Seasons in Philly on September 29, 2013!!!! All money raised will go straight to CHOP's Pediatric Cancer Research, which is a cause near and dear to our hearts!!! You don't have to run, there is a 2k Walk that is also taking place at the same time as the run. If you can't make it, you can still donate through this page!!! Please help us raise money and save lives of kids just like my Little Hailey!!!!

Thanks and love,



Hailey's Heroes - Join Team Raised
Melissa Tamagno $630.00
Monica Alexy $0.00
Bob Allen $0.00
Laura Allen $0.00
Susan Allen $100.00
Amanda Aubry $0.00
Joanne Aubry $50.00
Ryan Bevilacqua $0.00
Courtney Bradley $0.00
Rosemary Calio $0.00
Anne Marie Carpenter $0.00
Laurence Carpenter $0.00
Carmen Davis $0.00
Cheryl Davis $25.00
Nichole Desesso $0.00
Loray Dobson $0.00
Christina Driscoll $25.00
Brent Heflin $0.00
Ally Hernandez $0.00
Desiree Hernandez $0.00
Jose Hernandez $0.00
Josh Hernandez $0.00
Brooke Koch $0.00
Ryan Koch $25.00
Brian Lebo $0.00
Alison Marchesano $25.00
Fran Moore $0.00
George Moore $0.00
Suzanne Mullen $100.00
Dave Olsen $610.00
Megan Olsen $0.00
Joann Santoro $0.00
Stephen Santoro $0.00
Alexandra Sarlo $0.00
Colleen Schiller $0.00
Eric Schiller $0.00
Erin Shaw $0.00
Robert Shaw $0.00
Theresa Sochacki $25.00
Shana Spicer $0.00
Christopher Sullivan $25.00
Gary Sullivan $0.00
Sharlene Sullivan $0.00
Tracy Sullivan $75.00
Chris Tamagno $50.00
Joslin Tamagno $0.00
Richard Tamagno $0.00
Linda Tomaszewski $0.00
Megan Wenner $0.00
Peggy Wenner $0.00
Donielle Wesley $0.00
Team Gifts $1,880.00
Denotes a Team Captain