2010 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon

Johnson & Johnson Triathlon Team

Johnson & Johnson Triathlon Team will again participate in the Philadelphia Triathlon Charity Challenge to support the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Cancer Center.
Last year we raised over $58,000 and this year we have an even larger team.
Racing in Triathlons requires much training and stamina. Raising money to support cancer research can be easy with your continued help. Please help us help find a cure for cancer!
Attention JNJ Donors:
JNJ Matching Gift forms should be mailed to:
Michelle Kerr
Assistant Director of Special Events
The Children's Hospital Foundation
P.O. Box 40930
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (267) 426-6517
Fax: (267) 426-6530
If you choose to donate via Click to Care PLEASE let the person you are donating to know as neither CHOP nor they receive notice of your donation.
Thank YOU!

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William Hayek
Anthony Berg
For the love of sport (Christa's Team)
Team ARUD (Dan, Beth, & Kathleen)
Paul Armour
Katherine Bell
Raphael Bertrand
Paul Blackway
Ryan Bradley
Mary Brett
Randall Brezski
Jayna Brown
Kenneth Butler
Erwin Cammaart
Robert Carlin
Suzanne Carrillo
Michael Cavalier
Scott Chilson
David Congdon
Michael Conk
Michelle Conk
Rose Cooley
Alexandra Cosan
Jennifer Crapisi
Martin Criscenzo
David Crisi
Bryne Curtiss
Leanne Deacon
Lela Debaptiste
Eric Dichter
Rick Dickerson
Michael Downs
Catherine Duncan
Natalie Ezdon
Jonathan Finnegan
Arthur Ford
Fotis Fotiou
Barbara Galligan
Chris Ganter
Lisa Gonzalez
Nancy Gugerty
Elizabeth Hansen
Alison Harkins
Rebecca Hayes
Steven Hayes
Sarah Hersey
Sarah Hotaling
Joanne Jaeger
Cecil Johnson
Tj Jordan
Kirsten Kempe
Ibrahim Khadra
Douglas Kylander
Shane Loercher
Jorge Luciani
Jennifer Luongo
Shara Mahoutchian
Noel Marcelo
Kathy Martin
Chris Miller
Denny Moran
Ryan Morcrette
Eric Muench
Gregg Narod
Melissa Newmiller
Kevin Oneill
Erica Outcalt
Deborah Owens
Tanya Pastor
Diane Petrone
Sherri Prettyman
Tom Price
Laura Pyott
Brian Quinn
Elizabeth Randolph
Paul Randolph
Diana Rehborn
Tyler Rosenberg
Faiz Sadeq
Denise Schaffer
Gina Schneider
Jason Sellers
Brian Shuster
David Silver
Stacey Spencer
Lisa Spiller
Michael Stahl
James Stewart
Craig Sutton
James Swasey
Jo Ann Swasey
Christopher Symchik
Samantha Tabacco
Paul Testa
Chris Theodoran
Elaine Thibodeau
Jennifer Thomas
Deborah Townsend
Kelci Trent
Vanessa Weaver
Brent Weeth
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Annmarie Winkis
Robert Woods
Ronald Zimmerman
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Johnson & Johnson Triathlon Team East Coast
Johnson & Johnson Triathlon Team East Coast

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