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The Biesecker Pediatric Liver Center

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers hope to all children, whether they are being treated for the common cold or a rare condition that requires unique attention from our world-class physicians.

Such highly-skilled care is provided at The Biesecker Pediatric Liver Center. Children’s Hospital is one of the foremost pediatric care facilities devoted to treating and researching pediatric liver disorders, such as biliary atresia, which is often be overlooked.

Named for Fred and Suzanne Biesecker, whose leadership gift in 2001 accelerated the development of this comprehensive research center, The Biesecker Liver Center has a multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, nurses and support staff who specialize in treating pediatric liver disease.

Fred and Suzanne Biesecker saw the need for a center of excellence devoted to the oft-overlooked liver conditions. They knew of the superb work already done at Children’s Hospital and came forward with a leadership gift in 2001 to support basic and clinical research into biliary atresia and other liver disease. The Bieseckers’ profound commitment accelerated the development of a comprehensive research center for the study of pediatric liver diseases about which relatively little was known. Their very generous gift laid the groundwork for Children’s Hospital’s world-class Biesecker Liver Center.

One example of pediatric liver disease is biliary atresia, in which the liver’s bile ducts are blocked, damaging the organ and other systems in the body. Bile moves waste from the liver out of the body and aids in digestion. Children’s Hospital has preeminent surgeons who treat the disease, with and without transplants depending on the severity, and researchers looking into an array of related topics, from liver regeneration to quality of life issues.

Children’s Hospital is also home to some of the premier researchers trying to understand the complex condition known as alagille syndrome, a genetic disorder that is associated with liver, heart, eye and skeletal abnormalities, as well as characteristic facial features. The array of problems caused by the syndrome also highlights another aspect of the Biesecker Liver Center that gives it its preeminence in both research and clinical care: its multidisciplinary team of physicians, scientists, nurses and support staff.

Gastroenterologists, nutritionists, psychologists and others join to treat all aspects of the health of children with various liver diseases. And the breadth of expertise across the Children’s Hospital network means no matter what issues arise, a top-quality physician in that specialty is available.


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