Stories from Donors

Our dedicated philanthropic community is the backbone of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Generous donor support has a direct impact on patients and families and enables many of the Hospital's accomplishments, including groundbreaking pediatric research and life-saving care. These stories illustrate some of the special ways in which donors have made significant contributions to the work at Children's Hospital.

Featured Stories

  • A New Center of Excellence

    Although gastrointestinal (GI) motility disorders like gastroparesis and irritable bowel syndrome affect a large number of children in the U.S., these digestive problems remain widely ignored and misunderstood.

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  • Generosity Meets Need

    What happens when a child has no place to turn? When parents struggle to meet their child's most basic health needs? When childhood itself is threatened simply because of lack of access to healthcare?

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  • The Healthy Weight Program

    The Healthy Weight Program at CHOP is leading the fight against childhood obesity in Philadelphia, which records some of the highest numbers of overweight and obese children in the U.S.…

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  • A Vision of Hope

    The room on the first floor of the Children's Seashore House at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia buzzes and flashes with high technology and equipment.

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  • Asthma 101

    Seven days a week, dozens of parents and their children gather in the Bill and Jeanne Wurster Asthma Education Room. There, they learn the facts about asthma and what they can do to help control it.

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  • For the Love of Reading

    "I can see on their faces how much the children love these books. They get so excited and say thank you so many times."

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  • Motivated to Find a Cure

    "There's nothing a parent won't do when they have a child with an incurable disease."

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  • Prayer and Reflection

    A space like this — calm, reverent — is a welcome respite for anyone facing the reality of severely ill children.

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  • Worldly Advice Right Here at Home

    There are two times when parents of internationally adopted children have a lot of questions: before the adoption, and after.

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  • Medicine in the Making

    First-of-its-kind Research Explores Complex Twin Condition

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