Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Gifts by Phone

  • You can use a credit card to make a gift quickly and easily over the phone by calling the Foundation at 267-426-6500.

Gifts by Mail

  • If you prefer to mail your gift, please send a check or money order, payable to CHOP Foundation, to the address below:

    The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation
    P.O. Box 781352
    Philadelphia, PA 19178-1352

Event Registration

  • If you would like to register for an event by phone, please call our Events Department at 267-426-5600. If you will be mailing in a registration form for an event, please send it to:

    The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation
    P.O. Box 40930
    Philadelphia, PA 19107-0930

About The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation

  • Q: What is the connection between The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia?

    A: The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation is the charitable, tax-exempt organization benefiting the Hospital. All contributions to the Foundation support The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

  • Q: If I'm planning an event that benefits Children's Hospital, can I open a checking account using the name and Tax ID # of CHOP?

    A: No, only The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation or The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia can open accounts in its name and with its Tax ID#.

501c3 Designation

  • Q: Can you send me a copy of your 501c3 designation letter?

    A: We would be happy to send you a copy of our 501c3 designation letter. Please email or call 267-426-6500 with your request.

  • Q: Will I receive a tax receipt when I make a donation?

    A: Yes, all donors receive an official tax receipt for gifts of $10 or more.


  • Q: I would like to set up a tribute in honor of/in memory of my friend or family member.

    A: You might be interested in creating a personal Fundraising Page on our website, where you can post your story and pictures. Friends and family can visit the pages and learn more about your story and support the Hospital at the same time.

Planning an Event

  • Q: I am planning an event to raise money for Children's Hospital. Is there anything I need to know?

    A: If you would like to host an event to support Children's Hospital, please read our helpful hints for planning a successful event. When you are ready to get started, complete the event form. You may also want to consider creating a Fundraising Page to promote your event. If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact our Community Fundraising Team at 267-426-6496.

Gifts of Toys, Art Supplies, etc.

  • Q: Does the Hospital accept donations of toys, games, used toys, art supplies?

    A: Our Child Life and Education Department accepts these items. They can be reached at 215-590-2001.

    Gifts of new and gently used children's books are also needed for CHOP's Reach Out and Read Program. Contact Kirsten Rogers at or 215-590-5989.

Gifts of Stock

  • Q: How do I make a gift of stock?

    A: When giving securities, be sure to consult with your financial advisors first. Let us know that the gift is coming, and what program or department to which you want us to apply it.

    • Securities held by your broker - Inform your broker in writing that you wish to give appreciated securities to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Be sure to let the broker know when you'd like the transfer made. Your broker will need to call us at 267-426-6488 to obtain pertinent account information.
    • Certificates you hold - If you hold the actual stock certificates, please call Debra Gross, Director of Gift Administration at the Children's Hospital Foundation, at 267-426-6488. She will be happy to assist you through every step of the process of transferring stock certificates to Children's Hospital.


Fundraising Communication Preferences

  • Q: How do I change my fundraising communication preferences?

    A: To manage the frequency or opt out of receiving direct mail fundraising appeals or other fundraising communications from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation, please click here or call 267-426-5332. [the click here should go to the opt out page.

Fundraising and Patient Privacy

  • Q: What is the fundraising and patient privacy policy?

    A: As a patient, we may use and share limited information to contact you about our fundraising activities. Information that we may use for our fundraising includes your name, address, age, gender, date of birth, telephone number and other contact information (such as email address), dates when you received care at CHOP, the name of your treating physician, your general department of service, your treatment outcomes, and your health insurance status. You may receive calls, letters or other communications from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation, which does fundraising for CHOP, or from an outside organization helping CHOP with fundraising, asking you to consider making a donation. Any fundraising communications you receive from CHOP will include information about how you can be removed from our contact list. We rely on fundraising to support advances in pediatric care, research and education, and to provide many special services and programs to our patients and the community.

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