About Us

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation is a charitable, tax-exempt organization benefiting The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Philanthropic support from donors sustains vital programs that are not reimbursed through insurance; funds pediatric healthcare, research and clinical education; and drives the Hospital's growth.

Demand for services offered by Children's Hospital continues to increase. The costs for research and care are also on the rise, while federal funding and Medicaid are in sharp decline. As a non-profit, Children's Hospital relies on donations to make a difference in the lives of children today, research better treatments for the future, help families that cannot afford healthcare, and provide quality of life programs and services.

The Foundation strives to strengthen the financial security of Children's Hospital by establishing and nurturing donor relationships. Foundation employees work with other Children's Hospital staff to identify vital programs in need of private support to function and match them with individuals, businesses and foundations interested in funding those programs. The Foundation is deeply committed to ensuring that donors' intents are met, that they are informed about the Hospital they care about, and that they are confident in the great work done here.

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